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lil SOLID 2.0 - FAQs

If you have a new lil SOLID 2.0 device and will be using it for the first time, first wake it up from sleep mode by pressing the button for 2 seconds or connecting the charger to the charging port.
A full charge will take approximately 2 hours.

⦁ Slide open the Cover of the product insertion part at the top of the device.
⦁ Insert a product with the filter part facing up.
⦁ Press the button for 2 seconds until vibration occurs. State LED blinks in ice blue and the device vibrates simultaneously. Pre heating takes about 25 seconds depending on the use environment.
When the preheating process ends, the State LED lights come on and vibrations occur simultaneously to indicate that the product is ready for use.
Your device is ready to use!

The session lasts for 14 puffs or up to 5 mins, whichever comes first. 30 seconds prior to the end of the session or when the last 3 puffs are left the device will vibrate once and the State LED will blink in ice blue until the end of the session. When the session comes to an end, the State LED and the device turn off automatically. You do not need to press the button.

To extract the product, twist it more than 3 times in one direction.

You may use the device up to 3 consecutive times without waiting in between.
To check the charge level of the lil™ SOLID 2.0 device press the Button or plug the device in a power outlet using the supplied USB Cable and AC Power Adaptor

The charging status of the device is displayed as follows: Blue (100 ~ 60% charged), Ice blue (60 ~ 30% charged), Orange (30 ~ 1% charged), Red – (needs to be charged)
To reset your lil SOLID 2.0 device, you need to do a few simple steps:

⦁ Press the Button for 8 seconds. (even if vibration occurs within 2 seconds).
⦁ The State LED will blink twice in red, orange, ice blue and blue, sequentially.
⦁ When the device is reset, the State LED lights in ice blue for 1 second, and vibration occurs twice, simultaneously.
Always turn OFF the device before cleaning. Let it cool down after the last use.

⦁ Use Dual Cleaner that has 2 sides – Cleaning Wiper and Cleaning Brush.
⦁ To use the Cleaning Wiper, gently snap open the side with the ⊙ mark.
⦁ To use the Cleaning Brush, gently snap open the side with the mark.
⦁ Remove the cap from the device
⦁ Insert the Cleaning Wiper into the device and clean the device by spinning the cleaning wiper. Repeat this step with the cleaning brush.
⦁ You can also clean with heat. Quickly press the start button 5 times. The LED light will blink orange for 90 seconds. When the cleaning is done, the light goes off and you will feel it vibrate twice. 
If you need help with your device, contact Customer Case Service: 8 800 20090
Working hours : I–V 8:00-22:00, VI-VII 9:00-20:00 or at the nearest IQOS Boutique
The lingering smell most probably comes from the non-regular or non-thorough cleaning. We recommend cleaning the device on a regular basis after using 1 pack of products.

If you continue to use the device without removing the debris or remnants, the device can heat up the remnants, which can produce the lingering smell.
If you experience that you only get a little bit of aerosol compared to your previous experiences, please ensure you check the following:

⦁ You are using the right products as per instructions.
⦁ You have correctly inserted the product in the lil™ SOLID 2.0. device without breaking or turning the product
⦁ You allow the device to pre-heat for about 25 seconds prior to puffing
⦁ You clean your lil™ SOLID 2.0. regularly (every 20 products)
⦁ You pause between puffs to allow the pin to properly heat and generate aerosol
lil™ SOLID 2.0. and IQOS™ are both heating devices, however they have different offerings. It is only your own preferences, goals and budget that define your choice.

lil™ SOLID 2.0. device is a heating device that:
⦁ has limited selection of device colors.
⦁ no customization options or accessories.
⦁ However, all in one simple and practical device.
⦁ It suits best customers who value simplicity and practicality.

IQOS™ device is a heating device that has different offerings:
⦁ Portfolio of devices, colors & stylish accessories.
⦁ more than 500 customization options for your device.
⦁ loyalty program and support programs.
We sell lil SOLID 2.0. charging accessories — AC Power Adaptor, USB cable. If you are looking for a device that enables customization, we advise you to consider IQOS – with more than 500 customization options for your device.