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From your android phone, go to google play and search for the ‘IQOS connect’ app. Download and install it.
We use energy efficient Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the impact on battery is immaterial.
If you enable device notifications for the paired device, you will receive alerts relevant for that device (such as warnings or errors). This can be switched off anytime.
After downloading the app select your IQOS device and follow the instructions on the screen. The IQOS indicates that it entered a secure pairing mode by flashing the led next to the button in regular intervals. An irregular flashing pattern means that the device has failed to enter the secure pairing mode and pairing will not happen. Please leave your pocket charger closed for at least 1 minute and retry.
The app has detected a device that you paired directly inside the Bluetooth settings or during a previous installation of the app. Enter the device detail, choose "use IQOS with this app" and complete the regular pairing process.
IQOS can lose Bluetooth connection to the phone for example when it is out of range, turned off or when the Bluetooth on the phone is turned off. IQOS will not reconnect automatically. It will let the app connect to it again after extraction or insertion of the holder.
Yes. You can pair all your 2.4 Plus, IQOS 3.0, or IQOS 3.0 Multi devices to the app.
Please check the error log for further instructions. If the error message suggests resetting your IQOS, please do it using the "reset" button on the device detail screen. If the error message suggests contacting the client service, please do so as your device might be experiencing an irreversible hardware issue.
The permission to use the location service is required to connect to a Bluetooth peripheral. The app only reads the user location when it is required for the local store finder.
The app works in background to reconnect to your device whenever possible, collect data, check the device status and notify you about possible issues.
You need internet to:
- Initialize the application with settings for your country after you select it
- Send us your feedback After that internet connection is not required.
There is no iOS version of the app as of now.