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Which products have the biggest effect on air quality?

Did you know that even air that is considered clean and pure has pollutants in it, only their amounts don’t exceed the norms? Indoor air is polluted by gas stoves and even air fresheners, but one of the biggest pollutants is cigarette smoke.

Cigarette smoke harm non-smokers in confined spaces

When cigarettes are burning, they emit smoke that disperses into the air and is soaked up by textiles, rugs and walls. According to scientists, these surfaces soak up almost all the gaseous substances that are released in smoke1. Even if nobody smokes in a room for two years, the smell will remain.

Aside from long-lasting smells in premises where cigarettes have been smoked, the concentrations of hard particles, nicotine, carbon monoxide, water vapour and various organic compounds increase2. For this reason, even if one doesn’t smoke, being in an environment that is full of smoke causes the various harmful substances that are emitted when tobacco is burning to enter the body. Experts have found that one hour in a place full of smoke has the same effect as smoking one cigarette3.

IQOS heating, smoke, vapour, chemical substances emits less

Unlike a cigarette, IQOS warms the tobacco and emits vapour, not smoke. In order to find out what effect heated tobacco has on the indoor air quality, scientists have researched the chemical substances emitted by IQOS and their amounts.

It was found that IQOS vapour has a much lower effect on the air quality than cigarette smoke. Although the use of IQOS increased the levels of nicotine, acetaldehyde and glycerine4in the environment, glycerine is not an air pollutant and the nicotine and acetaldehyde concentrations did not exceed the background level, remaining well below the European Union limits.

According to scientists from the Kaunas University of Technology, using smokeless technologies affects the indoor air quality ten times less than smoking regular cigarettes. The impact of these products on the air quality is similar to the effect of everyday activities such as cooking or burning candles5. While IQOS eliminates the problem of passive smoking, smokeless products must be used responsibly and with respect to the views of others.

IQOS, air indoor ventilation, cigarette smoke, air pollution

When assessing the impact of cigarettes and heated tobacco products on the indoor air quality, completely equal environmental conditions are created, in which both products are studied. These studies measure how much of various compounds are released after the use of IQOS and traditional cigarettes, and compares these with the background level of pollutants normally present in the air.

When studying the pollution of the products, the researchers observe how the indicators change after changing the ventilation and the humidity of the room. They are also seeking to find out what effects on the air quality result from the number of smokers in the room and the distance between them.

More interesting research will be available soon.

1,2,5 Article in magazine “Chemosphere”, September, 2018
3 Lithuanian department of drug, tobacco and alcohol control (NTAKD) website’s article
4 Research of Philip Morris International Scientifical research departmement

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