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How to activate IQOS account and register your IQOS?
How to activate IQOS account and register your IQOS?

How to activate IQOS account and register your IQOS?

Do you have IQOS device? We recommend creating an account and registering your device on our website. It will allow you to use Accidental Damage Coverage if you accidentally break your IQOS during one year period after purchasing date. Plus, you will be able to use our free support services and exceptional offers. How to register your IQOS and create an account? For your convenience, we have prepared a detailed guide.

How to register your IQOS?

After creating IQOS account, it is necessary to register your IQOS device. It should be done following our instructions:

How to register your IQOS

How to create IQOS account?

After purchasing IQOS device, create an account on this website. We will explain how this can be done:

How to create IQOS account

How to get a password reminder?

If you are certain that you have IQOS account, but you have forgotten the password, use the function of password reminding. Follow the instruction:

How to get a password reminder

In case of any questions, you can chat with IQOS consultant by pressing LiveChat icon on the right corner of this website (business hours: I–V 8:00-20:00, VI-VII 09:00-19:00) or by sending us a private message via Facebook or mail You can also contact us by calling toll-free number 8 800 200 90 (IQOS Customer Support will answer all your questions; business hours: I–V 8:00-20:00, VI-VII 09:00-19:00). You are always welcome to visit the nearest IQOS store.

If you need to return IQOS device, get to know the process of returning.