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When and how IQOS products of good quality can be returned?
When and how IQOS products of good quality can be returned?

When and how IQOS products of good quality can be returned?

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, purchased items are no longer suitable or liked. Therefore, there is an opportunity to replace or simply return the item. You have the right to return the purchase within 14 days without specifying the reason. IQOS devices and any other items of good quality, purchased in our stores and e. shop, can be returned or replaced.

If the goods are defective, they are returned and replaced with new ones free of charge. More information on how to replace IQOS HERE.

Terms for returning good quality IQOS items

You can return IQOS items if you have purchased them in Lithuania:
• in IQOS e. shop and items have been delivered to you by a courier or you picked them up in IQOS partner point of sale;
• in official IQOS store;
• in IQOS partner’s point of sales.

The returned IQOS device or other items purchased in IQOS stores or e. store, must be in the original package and unused. All original accessories should be included (instructions, charger etc.). If you received any gifts when buying IQOS product, you should return those as well. The returned IQOS device or any other item of good quality should be in the original state, clean, with safety film intact. Those films should not be scratched or mechanically damaged in any other way by the client.

What are the steps for returning good quality IQOS items?

Depending on the place where you have purchased the items, the steps for returning good quality IQOS items may be different, so please read more about the rules by choosing the purchase method:
IQOS store, shop, or a pop-up shop ,
IQOS e. shop,
IQOS partner’s point of sales – retail or gas station network in Lithuania.

For more detailed information on the terms for returning a device and other IQOS items, read HERE.

To avoid the need to return, try IQOS for 14 days!

If you are doubting whether IQOS suits you, you can try it for 14 days before purchasing the device. Find more information HERE.

In case of any question related to IQOS warranty, its conditions and other services, feel free to contact us. Contact IQOS consultant by clicking LiveChat icon at the right-hand corner of this website (working hours: I–V 8:00-20:00, VI–VII 9:00-19:00) or by sending us a private message via Facebook or e-mail You can also contact IQOS Customer Care Service by calling toll free number 8 800 200 90 (working hours: I–V 8:00-20:00, VI–VII 9:00-19:00) or by visiting the nearest IQOS store.