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What issues are caused by burning?

One of the main reasons why smokers smoke is to meet their desire for nicotine.

After lighting a cigarette, the tobacco starts to burn and reaches a temperature of 600-800°C. The burning tobacco emits smoke. However, the smoke generated during the burning process, which is inhaled by the smoker, contains not only nicotine but also an abundance of chemicals. According to the public health authorities, about 100 of these chemicals are tied to smoking-related diseases.

Is burning required to release nicotine?


The temperature at which tobacco releases nicotine is almost three times lower than the burning temperature of a cigarette. This means that nicotine can be released without fire or a high burning temperature. For this reason, the IQOS tobacco heating system only heats tobacco to a temperature of 350°C. At this temperature, the tobacco is heated evenly and releases an aerosol that contains nicotine, but it does not start burning.

Why is it important to eliminate the burning process?

  • At a high temperature, tobacco begins to burn, emitting smoke and forming ash.
  • When the tobacco burns at a high temperature, chemical reactions take place that create more than 6,000 chemicals.
  • The primary cause of smoking-related diseases is the harmful, and potentially harmful, substances that are produced when tobacco is burned1.
  • Eliminating the burning process significantly reduces the amount of harmful substances emitted compared to smoking a cigarette.

What is burning?

Three components are necessary for any type of burning to take place: flammable substance, oxygen and a high temperature. If the burning takes place under ideal conditions, the reaction of hydrocarbons with oxygen produces just carbon dioxide and water. However, in real conditions, such as when tobacco is burned, the amount of oxygen is not sufficient for the ideal burning process to take place. As a result, carbon monoxide and many other chemical compounds are created when the tobacco burns, which health professionals have identified as harmful, or potentially harmful, to human health.

Important information: IQOS is not a risk-free product. Heated tobacco products contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance.


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