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What does science say about smoking alternatives?

With the growing number of users of smokeless alternatives such as IQOS and electronic cigarettes, these devices have been the subject of various researches, media attention and subjects of different discussions.

We have devoted the last ten years to research – gathered a team of over 400 scientists and engineers to develop smokeless alternatives and to study their impact on consumers and the environment.

From now on, in the section of IQOS research news, we invite you to learn science-based information that will help you to understand better and learn more about IQOS and other smoking alternatives.

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IQOS tobacco heating system and e-cigarette are alternatives to conventional cigarettes. Both devices operate on the principle of heating and emit vapour during the process. However, there are many differences between IQOS and electronic cigarettes. Continue reading to learn more about them.

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When a cigarette is lit, tobacco starts burning and reaches temperature above 800°C. Tobacco burning produces smoke, which contains more than 4,000 chemical compounds, hundreds of which are considered to be harmful to health1.

Neither IQOS nor electronic cigarettes have burning process. IQOS heats tobacco specially made for heating purposes, while electronic cigarettes heat only the liquid made for these devices. Because burning process does not occur, the devices emit vapour rather than smoke, which has much lower levels2 of carcinogenic and toxic substances than conventional cigarette smoke.

Independent studies3 determined that complete switch from regular cigarettes to these devices can reduce the damage to the body. Moreover, people around can be protected from the effects of passive smoking.

IQOS, e-cigarrette, burning, heating, liquid, tobacco, nicotine

• The use of IQOS requires special tobacco products that are made from specially processed real tobacco. The system heats tobacco up to 350°C.
• E-cigarette does not heat tobacco, but a special liquid containing nicotine. The heater in electronic cigarette heats the liquid up to 250°C.

More news and facts based on research are coming soon.

1 NTKAD (Drug, tobacco and alcohol control department).
2 German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Institute of Hygiene of Lithuania.
3 Committee on Toxicity of the United Kingdom, National Cancer Institute of Lithuania, Public Health England.

Important information: This does not mean that IQOS is risk-free. Nicotine in the tobacco is addictive.

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