From September 13th visit IQOS stores safely

We want to ensure that the services provided in IQOS stores would be of high quality, comfortable and, most importantly, safe. For this reason, with reference to the resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, from the 13th of September measures will be introduced to ensure save and smooth visits in IQOS stores.

Who can visit IQOS stores?

In order to ensure the safety of IQOS stores staff and clients, in IQOS stores will be served only the visitors who can confirm their identity, and present one of these documents:


If you don’t have any of the necessary documentation, you can order a product of your choice in our e-store and choose courier delivery.

How can I get the necessary documentation?

If you’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19, have recovered from it or have negative PGR test result, the documents valid for you are:

  • National Certificate. You can download it or get it at one of the State Enterprise Centre of Registers departments.
  • EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate. You can download it, get in touch with your family doctor or health care institution.
  • Another document issued by a health care institution. It has to confirm that you’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19, that you have have recovered from it or have negative PGR test result. This document is issued at a health care institution.
  • certificate of vaccination, positive antigen test result or negative PCR test result. It can be printed or saved digitally.
  • Another digital document from an EU country. It must confirm your COVID-19 vaccination, recovery from it or negative PCR test according to the criteria set out in the Government Resolution.

We recommend always using the National Certificate and turning to other documents only when there’s no possibility to download the National Certificate.

All IQOS store addresses, opening hours and services can be found here.

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