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IQOS tobacco heating system vs. E-cigarettes - what is the difference?

IQOS tobacco heating system and e-cigarettes are both smoke-free alternatives to cigarettes for adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products.

Both are electronic devices, and do not generate smoke like cigarettes. But there is one feature that distinguishes IQOS tobacco heating system from e-cigarettes: Contrary to vaporizing an e-liquid, IQOS heats real tobacco, producing tobacco vapor.

IQOS tobacco heating system uses tobacco sticks that have real tobacco which is carefully selected, finely ground and compressed to ensure consistent experience.

What is IQOS?

IQOS belongs to the category of smokeless devices. When using IQOS, natural tobacco is heated, generating aerosol. Thus in taste and experience IQOS resembles cigarettes. That’s why it is easy to switch to IQOS.

What is an e-cigarette?

E-cigarettes are electronic hand-held devices that are smoke-free alternative to cigarettes. In general, they are powered by a battery and heat e-liquids in order to generate an aerosol or what some users call vapor. The e-liquids may have various flavors and may contain nicotine.

There are many types of e-cigarettes. They differ in size, power, customization options, and even their ability to be reusable or disposable. However, most of them work on the same principle and with similar components.

IQOS technology

IQOS devices use a unique IQOS HeatControl™ technology. With this technology, tobacco in IQOS is not burned but heated. When tobacco burns in a cigarette, the temperature at its tip reaches up to 800 °C. Tobacco in IQOS is heated up to 350 °C. This is why IQOS does not require fire, leaves no ashes and emits no smoke.

E-cigarette technology

E-cigarettes heat and vaporize e-liquids in a wide range of temperature from 100 ⁰C - 250 ⁰C. They achieve this by drawing the liquid from a tank and putting it in contact with a battery powered heating element. When the liquid is evaporated it is drawn from the device thorough a mouthpiece.

Components of an e-cigarette include:

  • The battery - the energy source for the whole device. In most cases it is rechargeable and provides power to the heating element and electronic components.

  • The tank - the container that is used to store the liquid until it Is taken to the heating element or chamber. Some e-cigarettes use capsules or pods that are disposable.

  • The e-liquid - the mixture that is vaporized inside the e-cigarette. While there are many variants of the liquids, they usually contain propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, flavorings and various additives.

  • The heater - the set of components that draw the liquid toward the heating element and heat to vaporize. Most e-cigarettes use a “wick and coil” system. The wick naturally soaks the liquid and puts it in contact with the metal coil which is the part that heats.

  • The sensors and electric components - control the heating and operation of the device. They range from simple push to activate buttons, LEDs, battery Indicators or to advanced flow sensors.

  • The mouthpiece - the chamber or channel where the vaporized liquid drawn from the device.

    IQOS research

    The innovation of IQOS is based on scientific research. Their methodology is built upon the long-term experience of the pharmaceutical industry as well as the recommendations of Food and Drug Administration (FDA). After evaluating the IQOS system, FDA has declared that IQOS has the potential to contribute to the safety of public health, and thus issued the permission to merchandise this product in the United States of America.

    Researches on IQOS showed favorable changes in the smokers who switched to IQOS compared to those who continued to smoke cigarettes. It was also found out that IQOS emits on average 95% lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes.*

    * Compared to the smoke of a reference cigarette (3R4F). It does not necessarily equal a 95% reduction in risk. IQOS is not risk free.

    Without question, the best decision any smoker can make is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether. While not risk free, e-cigarette and IQOS are a smoke-free alternatives for adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products.

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