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IQOS offers, summer, more experience, heating tobacco

IQOS summer in one website

At you will find all the summer activities featuring IQOS entertainment and special offers for the largest summer festivals and celebrations in town, a memo for those who travel with IQOS, and information about our special summer terraces. This summer, we promise you even more heating experiences with IQOS tobacco innovation.

Emphasis on action

The main action of each month is featured on ome page with the biggest summer events, where IQOS is taking part. In special IQOS spots at summer festivals and other events, IQOS services will be waiting for you with IQOS CARE and IQOS CARE PLUS programmes. You will be able to try or buy IQOS tobacco heating systems there, and to charge your IQOS or other electronic devices. We will also provide you with special IQOS offers.

Mano IQOS, vasara, festivalis

We promise to provide a lot of entertainment to our IQOS friends, including taking the most colourful pictures or engraving your IQOS with design of your choice, or even the chance to win unique gifts and watch the performances from IQOS space in front of the stage. You can follow, tag or share Granatos, Galapagai and Devilstone music festivals in “Veiksmas” section HERE.

IQOS summer offers

Pasiūlymai” section is created for those who are looking for exclusive opportunities to buy IQOS accessories or systems for a better price. IQOS systems, accessories and cleaning sets are available at all events, IQOS shops and summer terraces taking place throughout the summer. In addition, you can always find them all at website. Follow or share the best offers with your friends HERE.

On the road with IQOS

New website includes a lot of useful information for those who are planning to spend their summer travelling. In the special “Kelyje“ section, we provide you with a range of information which might be useful when planning a vacation in Lithuania or abroad. HERE you will find out where you can buy IQOS systems, accessories and heated tobacco products, as well as details how to get help if your device is not working while travelling.

We invite you to stop by at the recently opened IQOS lounge at the Vilnius Airport before the start of your vacation and take the opportunity to charge your IQOS tobacco heating system or buy IQOS accessories for a smoother travel experience.

Do not forget to stop by, come back and share the news about with your friends. Feel the summer beat with IQOS – from entertainment and surprises, to useful information for all IQOS friends.

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