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Time to meet IQOS ILUMA – our most innovative IQOS devices
Time to meet IQOS ILUMA – our most innovative IQOS devices

Time to meet IQOS ILUMA – our most innovative IQOS devices

Meet the new, next generation heating devices – IQOS ILUMA, delivering clean, effortless, and personalised experience that fits your preferences. If you have thought about upgrading your current device, this is the right time!

IQOS ILUMA consist of many innovative features, but the main is its heating technology – SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ – that provides heating without the blade.

Next level experience – bladeless

You would ask – why would I matter if there is a blade or isn’t? And you will be surprised, how many benefits it can deliver! No blade means no cleaning. Ever! Because there is no residue in the device left after using it. It also means no blade breakages and consistent usage experience every time. New IQOS ILUMA device is so simple, seamless, and intuitive.

And that is not all – our news does not consist of just one new device, but three.

IQOS ILUMA series – 3 new devices

IQOS ILUMA PRIME– our smartest and most refined IQOS device yet, packed with technology, including auto-start, alerts and more features enabled by the IQOS app. The holder has an elegant and customisable aluminium design with SMARTCORE INDUCTION TECHNOLOGY™ at its heart. It also has a new design charger with premium wraps in variety of colours and finishes.

IQOS ILUMA– our iconic and well-known design, similar to IQOS 3 DUO, reinvented and combined with the cleaner and more reliable induction technology. Shape that you recognize with performance that you have not experienced before.

IQOS ILUMA ONE – effortless and simple, all-in-one device. Packed with the same SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ technology as its IQOS ILUMA series counterparts, IQOS ILUMA ONE delivers a clean and enhanced experience. It can be used 20 times with single charge without pauses.

IQOS ILUMA is even more special – it comes with a range of accessories to personalise your device to fit your style. Luxurious wraps from high quality materials, colourful rings, protective sleeves and door covers – mix and match endlessly.

What else is there to explore?

The new IQOS ILUMA easy to customize and accessories isn’t the only way – you can adjust functions to your preferences, too. It can be done with the help of IQOS App. Just download it, pair with your device and adjust functions such as lights and vibrations. You can also update your device’s firmware by yourself and find it if it gets lost, so less unnecessary struggles and worries.

You can choose your device and find out more about it here.