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The new series – differences between 3 IQOS ILUMA devices
The new series – differences between 3 IQOS ILUMA devices

The new series – differences between 3 IQOS ILUMA devices

Our newest heating devices are packed with breakthrough induction technology for next-level sensorial experience. All 3 devices in the IQOS ILUMA series feature the revolutionary Smartcore Induction System™. These bladeless devices heat from within, to give you an altogether better experience, with no cleaning necessary. So, whichever IQOS ILUMA device you choose, you can look forward to the improved draw and no need to clean, ever.

What's the difference between IQOS ILUMA, IQOS ILUMA PRIME and IQOS ILUMA ONE?

1. Usage: IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA PRIME have a Pocket Charger and a Holder. IQOS ILUMA ONE is an all-in-one device.

2. Back-to-back sessions: IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA PRIME Holders have 2 back-to-back sessions. IQOS ILUMA ONE has 20 back-to-back sessions.

3. Charging: It takes 2 hours and 15 minutes to fully charge IQOS ILUMA PRIME and IQOS ILUMA. It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to fully charge IQOS ILUMA ONE.

4. Weight: The combined weight of the Pocket Charger and Holder for IQOS ILUMA PRIME is 171.5g. For IQOS ILUMA it's 147g. IQOS ILUMA ONE is an all-in-one device that weighs 68.5g.

These are the main differences between the systems. If you want to discover more details about each device, keep reading!


IQOS ILUMA PRIME, our most advanced device, comes in a completely new design that uses elegant, anodised aluminium combined with a premium texture wrap. It is available in four colours and can be easily customised. Explore our widest ever range of accessories, including Pocket Charger wraps and Holder rings in an array of colours, finishes and textures.

IQOS ILUMA PRIME puts you in charge with advanced features enabled by the IQOS App. From smart gestures to lighting, alerts and more, you can customise them all. And when you’ve got it just how you like it, your device will remember your preferences, and deliver you a personalised experience time and again.

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IQOS ILUMA features

If you are looking for a familiar design that comes with a cleaner and enhanced experience, IQOS ILUMA with Smartcore Induction System™ technology is the perfect fit. Upgrading from a previous IQOS device couldn’t be simpler.

IQOS ILUMA comes with all the advanced features for you to enjoy a personalised and enhanced experience. These include smart gestures, lighting, and alerts that can be activated from your IQOS app.

IQOS ILUMA is available in five colours. Choose your favourite then make it truly yours with a wide range of accessories, like holder rings and interchangeable doors in a variety of colours, textures, and finishes.

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IQOS ILUMA ONE features.

IQOS ILUMA ONE is an effortlessly simple, pocket-sized device, packed with the same Smartcore Induction System™ technology as its IQOS ILUMA series counterparts.

Its practical, all-in-one design requires no cleaning and is designed to deliver 20 consecutive uses per charge, which makes it perfect for everyday on-the-go situations.

Personalising your IQOS ILUMA ONE is easy. It comes in five colours – choose your favourite and then make it your own with protective accessories.

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