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How to get IQOS replacement, if it malfunctions due to accidental damage?

How to get IQOS replacement, if it malfunctions due to accidental damage?


Free IQOS replacement in case of accidental damage

If your IQOS gets broken or isn’t functioning anymore, take advantage of free IQOS services.

Even though every device gets IQOS Warranty, by registering the device you can take advantage of Accidental Damage Coverage service. If IQOS breaks and the malfunction is not covered by warranty, with this service you will be able to replace the system or its part once during 1-year period from the buying date. You just have to create a personal account and register your IQOS system in it. Accidental Damage Coverage service will be automatically activated for all registered systems in the account.

Who can take advantage of Accidental Damage Coverage service?

  • Users who have a personal account;
  • the ones who have registered system in IQOS account;
  • users who have bought the device not more than 1 year ago.

If less than 1 year has passed since the date of purchase of your device, but you haven’t registered it or you don’t have a personal IQOS account, we provide you with a detailed instruction on how to do that.

How to create a personal account and register IQOS?

Make sure that your IQOS account is activated. Log in to your account by typing in your e-mail and password, which you chose when creating the account. IQOS_alternative_replacement_accidental_damage_registration

If you can’t log in to your account

1. In the registered user’s section choose “Forgot password?”. IQOS_alternative_replacement_accidental_damage_password_reminder
Enter the e-mail address used when creating the account, and choose “Recover password”. IQOS_replacement_password_reminder_account
Check the e-mail inbox you provided and in the received mail click “Atkurti dabar”. IQOS_system_replacement_free_account_recovery
Enter new password and confirm it by clicking “Save”. IQOS_replacement_how_damaged_personal_account_login
2. Register your IQOS device, if you haven’t done it yet. At IQOS website select profile icon on the right and choose section “My account”. IQOS_replacement_personal_account_system_registration
Choose “My devices” in the menu section. IQOS_personal_account_replacement_accidental_damage_registration
Click “Add device”. IQOS_system_registration_gurantee_services_replacement
Enter the serial number that you will find on your IQOS package, pocket charger or holder, and click “Add”. IQOS_system_registration_serial_number_replacement_broken
IQOS guarantee and Accidental Damage Coverage will be applied automatically once the device is registered. The validity period of these services can be found in the field “Warranty Due Date”. IQOS_device_information_guarantee_replacement

Have questions?

If you have any questions - contact us in the most convenient way for you:

  • contact an IQOS consultant by clicking the LiveChat icon at the right-hand corner of this website,
  • send us a personal message via Facebook or e-mail

You can also contact IQOS Customer Care Service via toll-free number 8 800 200 90 (working hours: I–V 8:00-22:00, VI-VII 9:00-20:00) or visit the nearest IQOS store.