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How to enroll IQOS CARE PLUS and use the Accidental Damage Coverage?


If your IQOS device happens to stop working or simply breaks down, be aware that you can take advantage of a free IQOS service.

IQOS CARE: free support services for the IQOS owners

IQOS owners can take advantage of a free service. To get it, it is sufficient to register your account at and add your IQOS device. Read more about the free IQOS CARE services here.

IQOS CARE PLUS and Accidental Damage Coverage

Enrolled at IQOS CARE PLUS program, you can receive an Accidental Damage Coverage. You can take advantage of the Accidental Damage Coverage when your IQOS breaks down or does not work because of your actions (not of the manufacturer's fault). In this case, your device can be replaced once by a new one for free. The holder or pocket charger, or both parts of the kit can be changed. In order for the IQOS Accidental Damage Coverage be valid, you need to enroll IQOS CARE PLUS program.

You are eligible to enroll the program if:
  • you have IQOS user account;
  • your device is registered in your IQOS account;
  • your registered device is bought less than one year ago.

If you qualify for the final point, but you do not have IQOS user account and/or your device is not registered, here are provided instructions on how to do it.

How to enroll IQOS CARE PLUS program?

How to enroll IQOS CARE PLUS program

If you cannot access your account

What if you cannot log into your account

If you have any questions

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at your convenience. Talk to IQOS consultant by clicking on the LiveChat icon on the right corner of this website or send us a private message on Facebook or email at You can also contact us via IQOS Customer Service Center’s free number 8 800 200 90 (working hours: I-V, 8:00-22:00, VI-VII 9:00-20:00) or visit the nearest IQOS shop.

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