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How heated tobacco devices are different from e-cigarettes?

We hear about vaping almost every day. With the rise of smoking alternatives on the market, it is worthwhile to look at the difference between electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco devices.

Do you know how vaping works, do you understand the principles of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco devices? Test your knowledge by reading the information below. We also invite you to watch a short informative video.

Electronic cigarettes and vaping - what is it?

Let's start with electronic cigarettes. This device consists of a cartridge filled with liquid solution, a heating element and a battery. E-cigarettes heat a special liquid solution, which usually contains nicotine, and turns it into a vapor inhaled as an aerosol. The name “vaping” originated from this process. Most electronic cigarettes solution does not contain tobacco.

How do heated tobacco devices work?

Meanwhile, heated tobacco devices work exactly as their name implies. They heat tobacco to 350° C so that nicotine is released, but tobacco does not burn. The heat level in these devices are precisely adjusted so they emit less harmful and potentially harmful chemicals than traditional cigarettes*.

*Important information: This does not mean that tobacco products present no risk. Tobacco contains nicotine which causes addiction.

Let’s watch the short informative video

This story will help you better understand the differences between devices. Click on the video to learn more.

Do you want to learn more about IQOS heated tobacco systems? For more information see HERE.

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