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Heated tobacco products: how we adjusted their production?

We care not only for every IQOS user but also about the quality of every single heating experience. Therefore, we are thankful for every feedback we get from you and we are constantly striving to improve our products and make heating experiences worry-free.

You shared with us personal notes that sometimes it is a bit hard to insert the heated tobacco product into IQOS holder. Having this in mind we decided to make little but notable adjustments in the way our heated tobacco products are made.

It will now be easier to insert a heated tobacco product into IQOS holder

The solution for easier insertion and more consistent heating cycles was in changing the way the tobacco is folded inside the heated tobacco products. By adjusting the spaces between the tobacco layers the optimal space for the heating blade was made, and a better airflow during the heating cycle was ensured.

IQOS tobacco, adjustment, how insert, easy

Why there is no need to roll the heated tobacco products between fingers anymore?

Optimal spacing between the layers of tobacco ensures that the product will now be much easier to insert into IQOS holder, so adjusted heated tobacco products no longer need to be rolled between fingers before being inserted into the holder.

Are there any other changes in tobacco products used with IQOS?

No other elements or the composition of the heated tobacco product made especially for using IQOS HeatControl™ technology have been changed.

  • The tobacco quality and its composition are the same.
  • The types of the heated tobacco products have not changed.
  • The length of IQOS heating cycle is the same.

IQOS heated tobacco products, adjustment, easier insert, composition

The adjusted heated tobacco products will be gradually replaced in the beginning of 2021, depending on the point of sale.

Answers to questions about the heated tobacco products and IQOS usage

Answers to the frequently asked questions about IQOS heating technology and the related products can be found at any time HERE

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