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Device SPA for IQOS 3 DUO –

Make your device last longer

clening iqos device

Treat your IQOS 3 DUO with a Device SPA - a wide range of free services that will extend your device life and maintain quality during every use. Contact IQOS consultant in any IQOS store or island and try there free services

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Black IQOS 3 device and mobile phone in two people's hands

Lengthen your IQOS battery life with firmware upgrade

As with your cell phone or laptop, it is important to regularly update the firmware for IQOS to function properly. It extends the system’s battery lifespan and ensures that you can use your IQOS longer. Do it yourself in the comfort of your home by downloading IQOS app and upgrading your device firmware in just a few easy steps.

Download the app

You can also visit nearest IQOS store and our IQOS consultants will upgrade the firmware of your IQOS to the newest version.

Black IQOS 3 device and mobile phone in two people's hands

Ensure perfect aerosol flow

Aerosol flow is crucial when it comes to smooth experiences. When being used, your device can accumulate residue which blocks the aerosol flow, which in turn can affect heating experience.
During aerosol flow test the aerosol passage is measured with a special machine. Afterwards, if needed, a holder and it's cap are cleaned from all residue, ensuring that your IQOS functions flawlessly

Black IQOS 3 device and mobile phone in two people's hands

Check if your cap is still good to be used

Sometimes your heating experience might be affected by dirty or old cap. Visit any IQOS store for holder cap check up - we will clean it and, if needed, recommend the best next step.

Sometimes a new cap can make all the difference, so it is recommended to change your cap every 3-6 months to ensure smooth aerosol flow. Check the colors available in our

IQOS 3 DUO accessories

Black IQOS 3 device and mobile phone in two people's hands

Improve device functioning with professional cleaning

Our trained staff are ready to clean your device professionally. It ensures smoother aerosol flow and better device functioning.

Don't forget to maintain quality of every IQOS use by cleaning your device regurlarly with original cleaning tools: every day with IQOS cleaning tool and once a week - with cleaning sticks.

Cleaning tools

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