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Using IQOS and indoor air quality

Continuing the thread about the studies conducted by Philip Morris International, we want to provide you with more information about the impact of using IQOS on indoor air quality.

Air quality tests conducted in accordance with international standards by Philip Morris International and independent experts in various countries – Germany and Japan, as well as Lithuania concluded that IQOS has significantly lesser negative impact on indoor air quality than cigarette smoke.

The presence or levels of many toxicants in a room where no one used IQOS did not change after the use of IQOS, or when they did, the changes observed remain far below the acceptable thresholds defined by international standards.

After using IQOS, only three compounds (nicotine, acetaldehyde, and glycerol) were above the background levels in air. However, glycerol is not an air pollutant and the concentrations of nicotine and acetaldehyde were much lower than the levels measured after cigarette smoking and far below the limits established by existing air quality guidelines. IQOS heats tobacco and, instead of smoke, emits aerosol which quickly dissipates. Therefore, using IQOS results in a less unpleasant odor and it does not create second-hand smoke.

Important information: this does not mean that IQOS is risk free.

You can discover more about the scientific studies conducted in various countries on the website of PMI Science.

You can find out more about the research conducted by the Kaunas University of Technology here.
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