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How to reduce harm from smoking?

An increasing number of consumers are looking for alternatives for harmful and potentially harmful products and habits. These include foods with added sugars, trans-fatty acids, gasoline or diesel cars. They are using vaccines to stop the spread of diseases, replacing white bread with whole grain products, and so on. Cigarettes are no exception. They are replaced by nicotine products with reduced risk to reduce the harm of smoking.

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According to the World Health Organization1, there will be more than one billion smokers worldwide by 2025, despite preventive measures to reduce smoking.

Some countries - such as Czech Republic2, the United Kingdom3, New Zealand4, Norway5, Canada6 have set goals not only to reduce the number of smokers, but also to help reduce the harm for those who do not intend to quit.

There is no doubt that the best solution is to give up all tobacco and nicotine products completely. However, there is a debate in some countries that consumers who do not intend to quit smoking must have access to information and switch to scientifically based, less harmful nicotine products, thus reducing the harm done to themselves and those around them.

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The primary7 cause of smoking-related illnesses is the harmful and potentially harmful substances that emerge and spread by burning tobacco. Eliminating burning can reduce the harm caused by smoking and still carry nicotine, which is the reason why most people smoke, in a less harmful way.

That's why smokeless products are seen in some countries as an alternative to cigarettes, which can reduce the harm associated with tobacco use.

Heated tobacco products and electronic cigarettes are the most common smokeless alternatives in Lithuania. In other countries, such as Sweden, “snus”, a type of smokeless tobacco product, is popular in smokeless tobacco product category.

Countries are paying increasing attention to research on these products, in order to investigate their impact.

Harm reduction criteria

Public health professionals have come up with a formula that illustrates the key steps in the harm reduction chain. Two criteria are crucial for maximizing the benefits related to harm reduction for the society. In particular, alternatives, that are scientifically based and contribute to the reduction of harm, must be developed. Another important point is that these alternatives must be attractive to the widest possible group of consumers.

When it comes to alternative nicotine products, they must provide the experience so that adult smokers who continue to smoke would want to switch to less harmful products. The more existing smokers switch to reduced-harm products, the greater the benefits to the society are likely to be. However, minors and former smokers who have already given up and are no longer are using tobacco and nicotine products should be protected from the use of these products.

IQOS harm reduction steps, science based alternatives

More interesting and relevant information on smokeless alternatives is coming soon.

1 Global Health Observatory (GHO)
2 Strategic Plan of the Government of the Czech Republic
3 Smokeless Tobacco Control Plan of the United Kingdom
4 Tobacco Control Regulation of the Government of New Zealand
5 Strategic Plan of the Government of the Kingdom of Norway
6 Tobacco Control Strategy of the Government of Canada
7 National Cancer Institute of Lithuania

Important information IQOS is not risk free. Tobacco contains nicotine which causes addiction.

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